Posted 11 months ago

Launching in October 2023, #PLANTOBER is the new month-long campaign encouraging people of all ages to plant and grow native tree seeds for future generations to enjoy and to help meet the UK’s net zero goals. 

The brainchild of International Tree Foundation, the world’s oldest tree-planting charity, and Creating Nature’s Corridors, #PLANTOBER invites everyone to forage for tree seeds and seedlings, especially native species including hazelnut, conker, sweet chestnut, acorn, walnut or beech. To identify the seeds, visit  internationaltreefoundation.org, which also features a simple guide on planting and nurturing the seeds, ideally using old milk or juice cartons. 

After one year, #PLANTOBER and its partners will offer advice on how to plant out saplings, either in private gardens or at nearby community planting sites, where the saplings can be planted out to continue their growth.  

#PLANTOBER aims to accelerate the planting of 1.5bn new trees needed to help the UK meet its net zero carbon target, set in line with the international scientific warnings on the climate crisis.  #PLANTOBER will encourage more people to plant trees and, crucially, to ensure their survival after planting.  

Commenting on the campaign, James Whitehead, CEO at ITF, calls on people to find, plant and nurture tree seeds, saying: “#PLANTOBER is a brilliant and simple initiative that anyone can enjoy. #PLANTOBER is also a great way of nurturing a life-long love for trees and nature in young people, who will relish a scavenger hunt for seeds. Planting the seeds and watching them grow is easy, rewarding and a practical way to address the climate crisis.” 

For further information please contact: 

Camilla Leask, Camilla@internationaltreefoundaiton.org / 07879 612341