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Posted 12 months ago

Printable art refers to digital art that can be downloaded and printed at home or at a local print shop. Many websites offer printable art for purchase, ranging from photography and illustrations to typography and abstract designs. Some popular formats for printable art include JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

One benefit of printable art is that it can be customised to fit specific sizes and frames. It also offers a more affordable and convenient option for art lovers who want to decorate their homes without breaking the bank.

Printable art can indeed be a form of ecological art, as it offers several environmental benefits compared to traditional art forms. Here are some ways in which printable art can contribute to ecological practices:

  • Reduced Paper Waste: Printable art eliminates the need for physical prints on paper, significantly reducing paper waste. Instead, digital files can be shared and displayed on electronic devices or printed on-demand, minimising the consumption of paper resources.
  • Sustainable Materials: When printable art is produced, it can be created using environmentally friendly materials and inks. Artists and printers can choose eco-friendly options such as recycled paper or vegetable-based inks, which have a lower environmental impact compared to conventional materials.
  • Minimal Transportation Impact: Printable art can be easily shared electronically, eliminating the need for physical transportation of artwork. This reduces fuel consumption and associated carbon emissions that would otherwise be generated during the shipping of physical art pieces.
  • Accessibility and Reproducibility: Printable art allows for the reproduction of artworks on demand, reducing the need for mass production and excess inventory. This approach aligns with the principles of sustainability by minimising resource consumption and waste generation.
  • Awareness and Advocacy: Printable art can be used to raise awareness and advocate for environmental issues. Artists can create digital artworks that convey powerful messages about ecological conservation and sustainability, reaching a wider audience through online platforms and social media.

Environmental artist and recycled plastic jewellery maker Jagoda Jay Sudak Keshani decided to transform her work into digital format mainly for those reasons.

Environmental artist and recycled plastic jewellery maker Jagoda Jay Sudak Keshani

“I want my wall art, made of recycled bottle tops, to be easily accessible and affordable for everyone. My main goal is to promote environmental awareness about the plastic problem, which impacts us all. I believe that only by working together we can make a change.” – says Jagoda.

“Since 2017, I have melted a lot of carrier bags and bottle tops into plastic plates. I then cut them to make unique statement earrings. The patterns and colours of melted plastic are incredible, and I thought it would be worth sharing them. Thanks to technology and the Internet, I transformed the pictures of melted plastic into digital artwork, which can be now downloaded on my website”

Jagoda adds – “I see my work as a gentle reminder. It is like a kind mother’s voice saying to us – Look, we made a mess. We can still make something beautiful out of it, but please be conscious of how you use plastic in the future.”

Jagoda’s visual art can be printed on demand. The patterns can be used as wall art and become a conversation starter about environmental issues. They can also appear on clothes and bags to carry around and spread the environmental message.

In recent years, environmental art has gained even more significance as the urgency of addressing environmental challenges has become increasingly apparent. Many artists continue to use their creative voices to advocate for environmental stewardship and raise awareness about the need for ecological sustainability.

If you want to start your adventure with eco-friendly printable art, please visit Jagoda’s website

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