Pudding Pot Lids! Recycle those left over glass jars.


Published August 24, 2022

So happy to reach a new contact which is the wonderful Pudding Pot Lids company. These bamboo lids are a huge hit for the 100’s of dessert jars which are collecting in everyone’s homes.

You can check out our latest video here on how they work!


Pudding Pot Lids is a small, black-owned business founded in Hackney, London.

“Eco consciousness has always been second nature for us. From very early on, food waste was never an option, fast fashion became a thing of the past, and to upcycle was satisfying and creative. Poor waste management contributes to climate change issues beyond weather patterns, ecosystems, the air and the sea; it’s also deeply intertwined with global patterns of inequality, meaning millions of poor people face greater challenges, like food and water security, livelihood security, migration and more.

Our view is that waste is a resource, often available to be used again or upcycled into something useful. We make pudding companies waste product useful, by combining their sustainable glass pots with our sustainable bamboo lids. We hope our customers will use the lids to store leftovers, instead of throwing them away – and distribute bulk snacks into the pots, instead of wasting material via single-use snacks.

We strive to be as green as possible, which is why our freight is always by ship.”

Shop now and recycle your glass pots!


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