Shoe Recycling With Pip And Henry


Posted 12 months ago

Pip & Henry is a sustainable footwear brand for children. With over 80 million pairs of shoes thrown away each year in the United Kingdom alone, Jeroo Doodhmal set out to create comfortable, durable and most importantly, planet friendly shoes for kids.

Furthermore Pip and Henry offer an easy to use recycling scheme for shoes which have been outgrown. But why have shoe recycling accessible for sustainable footwear only?  As part of their commitment to doing their bit for the planet, Pip and Henry have opened their shoe recycling program to accept all shoes, no matter the size or the brand.

Making sure our children are comfortable in their shoes at all times – not too small, not too big – can be really tricky.

This was an issue that Jeroo Doodhmal faced in the early years of raising her daughter.  This made her consider the impact that constant shoe consumption was having on the environment. This was the moment Jeroo decided to take matters into her own hands and created Pip and Henry.

In the UK, around 15% (or 26,244 tonnes) of post-consumer shoe waste is collected and redistributed as second-hand. The remaining 85% (or 142,756 tonnes) is sent to landfill. It is estimated the average pair of shoes takes 100s, even 1000s of years to fully decompose. Ultimately this results in chemical-based compounds breaking down and constantly seeping into the earth. The simple solution, handing over your old shoes to Pip and Henry for recycling.

How does Pip and Henry recycle shoes that are not sustainably made?

Pip and Henry have opened their recycling service to accept any shoe no matter the size or brand.  Although these shoes can’t be recycled the same way as Pip and Henry’s own brand, they are rather broken down and made into useful materials such as insulation for children’s playground equipment or floor fillers.

How do I send my shoes to Pip and Henry to be recycled?

The service is Free and extremely simple to use. Better yet Pip and Henry will give you £10 off your future order if you send your old shoes for recycling.  All you would have to do is follow these three easy steps:

  1. Package up your shoes and post them to 37 Franks Avenue, New Malden, KT3 5DD, United Kingdom. Don’t forget to add a note in the package with your name and email address so we can send you your voucher.
  1. Pip and Henry will responsibly strip your old shoes into their component parts and repurpose them for different uses (such as playground surfaces and floor fillers).
  1. Pip and Henry will then send you a £10 off voucher for your next pair via email so keep an eye on your inbox after your shoes have been sent.

What else do Pip and Henry have up their sleeve?

The brand believes that the best way to increase children’s awareness of the environment and to help them feel empowered to drive change, is through playful and fun storytelling.

So alongside their children’s footwear and recycling program, they pen beautiful stories about Pip & Henry, a little girl and her dinosaur friend embarking on adventures to save and learn about the planet.

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