Socko Launches The Montys: The UK’s First 100% Recycled Socks


Posted 7 months ago

London, UK – Socko, a female-founded sustainable sock brand based in the UK, has launched a new range of socks that are 100% recycled and made in the UK. The Montys collection is the UK’s first 100% recycled socks and features a unisex design, plastic-free packaging, and comes in three different sizes and colours.

The Montys socks are made from waste, using Recover™ cotton spun with recycled PET bottles and plated with ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Recycled elastane is used for the stretchy cuff, making these socks not only environmentally friendly but also comfortable to wear. All the materials used in these socks are Global Recycled Standard certified, making them a sustainable and ethical choice for customers.

Each pair of The Montys socks is made to last, and to further reduce waste, each pair comes with a free mending kit (needle and thread) to extend the active life of the socks. Traditional manufacturing and design methods are combined with innovative recycled materials to create a quality product that is sustainable and long-lasting.

The Montys collection is named after actors in The Full Monty and is made by a fourth-generation, family-run factory in Leicestershire. By choosing The Montys, customers can support local businesses and contribute to a circular economy.

The Montys collection is now available for pre-order on Socko’s website. Socko’s commitment to sustainability and ethical production makes them the perfect choice for customers who want to make a positive impact on the environment while still enjoying high-quality and stylish socks.

Emma Mathews, Founder of Socko and Author of How to Quit Fast Fashion, said:

“Creating a 100% recycled sock is a project I have been working on since I started Socko. This milestone goes to show that true sustainability is founded in the grassroots through the determination to focus on doing one thing well. It’s this approach that benefits both the people who produce and wear our socks but also means that we tread more lightly on the planet.”

For more information, please contact Socko at or visit their website at

Pricing: £18 per pair, £50 for a box of 3.