SOLIDWOOL – Think fibreglass, but with wool.


Posted 1 month ago

When you see Solidwool material it draws you in. You can’t help but want to touch it. Your eyes see the texture, yet your hands feel the smoothness.’

Solidwool was born from the idea to create something beautiful – making sustainable furniture with an unbreakable link to nature. A unique composite material, Solidwool is made in the UK using British wool and bio-resin. Think fibreglass, but with wool.

The journey of Solidwool began with Herdwick, an iconic Lake District breed. Their wool is a by-product of sheep farming, wiry and coarse, it is of little or no value. Solidwool set out to turn this unwanted fibre into sustainable design with purpose. Rewriting the story of undervalued breeds, to help this incredible, natural fibre find its value again.

When used in Solidwool the natural fibres of the wool shine through, creating a unique composite that is strong and smooth to the touch, yet at its heart is wool. The fleece from two heritage breeds are currently used in Solidwool. Herdwick produces a captivating dark grey composite, with visible lighter guard hairs. Welsh Mountain uses the wool from both the black and white sheep, combining mottled cream, black, grey, and brown fibres to create a striking marbled effect.

With two stunning composites the Solidwool Hembury Chair with its simple lines and timeless appeal is a product to be cherished and handed down through generations. Taking a considered and sensitive approach to all materials, the hand-turned legs are made by a local wood turner from UK sourced sustainable Ash and the frames are made from recycled steel.

Designing sustainably doesn’t have to mean fewer options, the Solidwool offering also includes a Hembury Side Table and a Hembury Stacking Chair. Each conscientiously designed to showcase the beauty of the material. Seven new colours have also been added to the Solidwool palette, including the neutrals of stone and bark, as well as brighter shades of moss, ochre, cobalt and tan. All are informed by nature and reflect the beauty of our environment.

All Solidwool products are made by a small team of skilled innovators in a workshop in Devon.