STELLA by Stella McCartney Announces ‘Stella Voices’


Posted 1 year ago

12th January, 2023

STELLA skincare reveals the beginning of its collaboration with five global pioneers, known for their innovation and advocacy in the worlds of environmental and social activism and philanthropy.

The responsible beauty brand’s new initiative unites with eco-conscious activists and campaigners, offering a platform for them to amplify their voices and build a like-minded community.

Earlier this year, Stella McCartney, herself an environmental advocate, created a tightly-edited, ultra-effective, new conscious skincare line. Now she is thrilled to collaborate with these incredible activists, to highlight the vital work they are doing and the causes they support and fight for.

McCartney says, “Our brand is committed to driving change, and amplifying the important messages of these five incredible change-makers. I am thrilled to be collaborating with them, building together this bold community who believe in doing things differently”.

The pioneers include:

Dr Jane Goodall was the original trailblazer – inspiring people to preserve the natural world long before many others.

In 1960, at just 26 years old, she left England and travelled to Tanzania to study the fascinating world of wild chimpanzees. Her ground-breaking finding that chimpanzees make and use tools, forever changed our understanding of our relationship to the rest of the animal kingdom.   Today Jane continues like Stella, to be a leading activist in driving awareness of our environmental crisis.

Jane’s work builds on scientific innovations, growing a lifetime of advocacy including trailblazing efforts through the Jane Goodall Institute which has Institutes in 25 countries (including the UK) advancing community-led conservation, animal welfare, conservation science, and youth empowerment.

Jane is growing the next generation of compassionate changemakers through her free ‘Roots & Shoots’ environmental and humanitarian youth programme, now active in over 60 countries (including the UK) involving more than one million young people.

Stella is incredibly honoured to join forces with a true icon and an original pioneer, as part of Stella Voices.

  • Xiye Bastida

At only 20-years Xiye Bastida has already received a UN Spirit Award, taken on leadership roles in the organisation of key climate strikes including ‘Fridays for Future’, and has also co-founded the Re-Earth Initiative, an international youth-led organisation that focuses on highlighting the intersectionality of the climate crisis. Bastida was born in Mexico and raised as part of the Otomi-Toltec indigenous community. 

Stella is thrilled to be sharing her platform with such a young and purpose-driven talent, having been inspired by the building momentum, spearheaded by the next generation in their commitment to protecting planet earth whilst highlighting inequalities.

  • Poppy Okotcha

Ecological home grower, Poppy Okotcha is on a quest to help others reconnect more with the earth – an ethos shared deeply by Stella.

The fifth pioneer in our Stella Voices series, her work is rooted in the understanding that we are part of and not separate to Earth’s ecosystems. Her initiatives and passions focus as much on the well-being and improvement of the soil, as they do on our bodies and how we look after ourselves. Through her work, Poppy shares Stella’s vision of circularity and showcases the positives that mother earth is capable of.

  • Tammy Gan

Tammy Gan, our fourth pioneer, describes herself as an ‘activist-in-progress, digital creator and communicator’.

Like Stella, Tammy believes that access to information about climate justice activism and theory should be easy to digest and accessible to all, and their collaboration through Stella Voices is an organic evolution of this shared agenda. Tammy spends her time creating digital and physical community and learning spaces to build towards a more just, regenerative and loving world within our current one.

  • Christabel Reed

Christabel Reed’svision to empower people to take action and enable social transformation reflects Stella’s own approach to social sustainability. Both Christabel and Stella strive to create a positive impact for all, sharing the belief the health of people and the health of the planet are two sides of the same coin.

Our third Stella Voices pioneer, Christabel has founded two successful platforms – EcoResolution, which focuses on climate action, and Advaya – a transformative education platform that offers courses, events and storytelling across ecology, wellbeing, culture and spirituality. 

She is now developing a third not-for-profit organisation called Earthed, a nature skills platform for a global community learning from and for nature.

STELLA’s ambition is to foster a community of like-minded change-makers, to amplify their voices and inspire conversation and action around climate activism, environmental issues and animal rights.