Sustainable Living Community Perennis Announces Two London Workshops in October 2022 in Partnership with Algbra


Published October 10, 2022

Perennis, inspired by the Perennial Philosophy, aims to educate communities on how to care about the environment and their health, and create a circular food system that starts at home

London, UK — 5 October 2022 — Perennis, a British female-led community engagement project inspired by the Perennial Philosophy, has just announced its two upcoming events, which will take place at the London Central Mosque and Anomalous Space in October 2022, in partnership with Algbra, the home of ethical finance.

Perennis refers to ‘The philosophy of Unity’, advocating for environmental protection with stewardship of man as the centre of environmentalism. In this philosophy, sustainability is a holistic approach in which the wellbeing of the environment is compatible with our own.

Perennis was founded by Sofia Zolghadriha in 2022, and stands for an environmental movement that starts within ourselves. Its mission is to create a circular food system through the strength of our communities. To achieve this mission, the social enterprise wants to educate people on how to care about the environment and their health, and how to live, cook, and eat sustainably, locally, and seasonally.

With local events and workshops throughout the year, Perennis ultimately aims to change the way communities consume food and manage waste, in order to finally close the loop.

“For us, sustainability is simple and can be practised by anyone, anywhere, irrespective of social, economic or ethnic backgrounds,” says Sofia Zolghadriha, founder of Perennis. “We believe that a circular food system starts in our homes.”

The first event will take place on 13th October 2022 at the London Central Mosque, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, followed by a full day of workshops on 23rd October at Anomalous Space in London, from 10am to 5pm. Both events are free to register and will include free gift bags to inspire sustainable eating. The full day event on 23rd October will include three workshops: “How to do urban composting at home”, “Food preserving techniques” and “How to follow healthy seasonal eating”. A seasonal lunch will also be served.

“We want to teach people the type of knowledge that all our grandmothers knew but has sadly been lost upon our generation,” says Sofia Zolghadriha. “This way, people can take control of their own food cycle and sustainability becomes accessible to all.”

For more information about Perennis, or register your interest for the events, visit