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  • Green energy experts at reveal the top trending vegan recipes and cuisines according to TikTok 
  • Uswitch research reveals that a vegan diet could cut the UK’s total emissions by 31 million tons of CO2 (7%), so the TikTok analysis discovered the top meals inspiring a meat-free diet
  • Asian cuisines come out on top; vegan Thai recipes are the most viewed, followed by Korean and then Indian
  • Looking at specific dishes, vegan pasta recipes are the most watched on the platform, followed by vegan sushi and vegan pizza 
  • The research discovered that #VeganRecipes has over 3.4 billion views on TikTok.

A vegan diet could cut the UK’s total emissions by 31 million tons of CO2 (7%), according to new research from the green energy experts at, the comparison site. As veganism could have a huge impact on the environment, the researchers were curious to discover the plant-based recipes people wanted to try out the most. 

With over 3.4 billion views for #Veganrecipes on TikTok, the video-sharing app is bursting with sensational meat-free recipes for people to try at home. 

By analysing TikTok hashtag data for hundreds of vegan recipes and cuisines the study found that it is vegan Thai dishes whetting our appetites the most, as #veganthai has 36 million views on the video platform. Thanks to most Thai dishes being made up of vegetables, the majority of the most iconic dishes can be made without any animal products. Tofu is also a great alternative to include in some of the most iconic Thai dishes, such as Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai, or Drunken Noodles. 


Asia dominates the top 10 trending vegan cuisines on TikTok, as plant-based Korean meals are the second-most watched recipes (4.9 million views), followed by vegan Indian recipes in third (3.9 million views). Plant-based Chinese TikTok tutorials are sixth on the top trending list, Malaysian dishes are eighth and Vietnamese meals are ninth. That’s six Asian cuisines in the top 10 trending cuisines inspiring our diet changes in 2022 and beyond. 

Also in the top 10 is Italian food (in fourth position), with 3.1 million views of the hashtag ‘#veganItalian’. Italian food is another great cuisine that can be delicious and plant-based; from a simple Penne Al’Arrabiata to a vegan Pizza Margherita, the possibilities are endless.

Vegan Mexican meals are the fifth most popular on TikTok, Caribbean food is seventh, and Turkish cuisine rounds off the top 10 trending list. 

Table: TikTok’s top trending vegan cuisines

RankCuisineHashtagTikTok Hashtag Views


The researchers also looked at specific dishes that foodies are engaging with on TikTok the most and found vegan pasta recipes taking the top spot with 48.2 million hashtag views. Amongst the most popular recipe on the video platform is the viral vegan Baked Feta Pasta dish and the Bella Hadid-endorsed Vodka Rigatoni, both easy dishes perfect for winter evenings. 

Second on the list is sushi with 47.1 million hashtags, followed by pizza and then tacos, ranking in third and fourth place respectively. Another Italian recipe featured in the top five trending vegan dishes is ravioli, with the deliciously filled pasta amassing a staggering 13.4 million hashtag views. Other Italian dishes featured in the top 20 include vegan pesto, tiramisu, risotto, gnocchi and gelato.

American dishes appear three times in the top 20; vegan cheesecake ranks as the sixth most-watched vegan recipe with 11.5 million hashtag views by those who want a plant-based sweet treat. Followed by mac and cheese in seventh place with 10.3 million views, and vegan hotdogs, which are 13th on the top trending list.

Besides Italian and American dishes, the other cuisines featured in the top trending list include Mexican as vegan tacos are the fourth most-watched recipe on TikTok and nachos are 14th with an impressive 2.6 million views. 

Dumplings are the only Chinese recipe in the top 20 and ramen is the only Japanese dish on the list; meanwhile, two Turkish recipes feature, as vegan kebabs round off the top 10, and lahmacun (Turkish flatbread) completes the top 20.

Table: TikTok’s top trending vegan recipes

RankMealsCuisineHashtagTik Tok Views
1Vegan PastaItalian#veganpasta48,200,000
2Vegan SushiJapanese#vegansushi47,100,000
3Vegan PizzaItalian#veganpizza37,500,000
4Vegan TacosMexican#vegantacos20,200,000
5Vegan RavioliItalian#veganravioli13,400,000
6Vegan CheesecakeAmerican#vegancheesecake11,500,000
7Vegan Mac and CheeseAmerican#veganmacandcheese10,300,000
8Vegan DumplingsChinese#vegandumplings7,300,000
9Vegan RamenJapanese#veganramen7,000,000
10Vegan KebabTurkish#vegankebab6,800,000
11Vegan KimchiKorean#vegankimchi5,100,000
12Vegan PestoItalian#veganpesto3,800,000
13Vegan HotdogAmerican#veganhotdog2,900,000
14Vegan NachosMexican#vegannachos2,600,000
15Vegan TiramisuItalian#vegantiramisu2,500,000
16Vegan RisottoItalian#veganrisotto2,000,000
17Vegan EmpanadasPortuguese#veganempanadas2,000,000
18Vegan GnocchiItalian#vegangnocchi1,200,000
19Vegan GelatoItalian#vegangelato1,100,000
20Vegan LahmacunTurkish#veganlahmacun1,100,000


Ben Gallizzi, energy expert at, commented: “The food we eat can have a huge impact on the environment, so it’s important to be aware of the effects of our diet.

“Our food industry contributes 91 million tonnes of CO2 to our overall emissions, which is 20% of the UK’s total. 

“By trying a vegan diet, which many do in ‘Veganuary’, we could cut this number by over a third, reducing emissions by 31 million tonnes. 

“Switching to a vegetarian diet can also have an impact, as our research predicts a 15% decrease in total diet-related emissions if everybody in the UK cut out meat.”

If this has 1) made you hungry and 2) made you curious about how you can reduce the carbon emissions of your diet, check out Uswitch’s Net Zero Tool


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