The most polluted US town and cities revealed for Clean Air Month


Published May 12, 2022

The air we breathe is often taken for granted and it’s no secret that the rising air pollution rates are taking a toll on our environment, and subsequently our health.

But which towns and cities are the worst (and best) for breathing clean air?

The American Lung Association State of the Air 2021 report found that despite nationwide efforts in controlling air pollution, more than 40% of Americans – over 135 million people – are still living in areas with unhealthy particulate pollution and ozone levels.

For this year’s National Clean Air Month (May), Housefresh have mapped air quality data in towns and cities around the US and world to reveal the most and least polluted locations:

Take a look at the most polluted locations across the US:

Key findings include:

  • The top 50 most polluted cities worldwide can be found in just 7 countries, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, China, Chad and Turkey.
  • While 35 of the top 50 most polluted cities can be found in India alone, with Bhiwadi being the worst overall, reaching a PM2.5 rating of 106.2µg/m3.
  • The cleanest city award in North America went to remote city Neah Bay, Washington.
  • Weaverville in wildfire-ravaged California had the dirtiest air in America with a PM2.5 of 34.7µg/.

You can also find the locations with the best air quality here:

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