Published May 5, 2022

Two Haringey sustainability champions partner up to offer REFILL STAPLES and ORGANIC, LOCAL PRODUCE in one zero-emission, packaging-free doorstep delivery, courtesy of Ernie the milk float.

‘DOING YOUR BIT’ GOT EASIER … Tottenham-based CROP DROP and Muswell Hill’s THE PEOPLE’S PANTRY are joining forces to make it easier and more convenient to eat more sustainably and change the way we consume. Their two websites are now linked to offer customers the chance to order both Crop Drop’s 100% organic, seasonal and sustainably grown produce, sourced as locally as possible, and a People’s Pantry essentials refill shop; delivered to their doorstep by electric Ernie. All in repurposed and returnable bags, boxes and glassware, which are left out for collection and reuse at next delivery, just like the milkman. Making it simpler than ever to …

• support organic, small-scale, less carbon intensive farming, which is kinder to wildlife and to the planet

• reduce waste of both food and packaging

• reduce food miles by sourcing as locally as possible

• support local independent businesses

• move to healthy, seasonal and more plant-based eating

• be part of the change: Think Global. Act Local

NO minimum refill orders | NO delivery charges NO packaging | NO emissions | NO hassle


1) shop online at The People’s Pantry from over 175 refill products

2) add a fresh produce selection from the new Crop Drop fruit and veg page to your basket OR …

1) if you are an existing Crop Drop subscriber, switch your Drop Point to “The People’s Pantry” by emailing or text 07432 588735

2) you will then be sent a link to The People’s Pantry website to add refill items to your order.

PLEASE NOTE: Crop Drop bag orders need to be placed by 4.30pm on a Wednesday for delivery on the following week’s People’s Pantry delivery days: Thursdays (N2, N3 and N10), Fridays (N11, N13), Saturdays (N8 and 22) – all between 7am and 12.30pm.


THE PEOPLE’S PANTRY is a mobile refill shop and delivery service, operating from a gorgeously restored electric milk float with a wide range of pantry, eco cleaner and bathroom refill essentials – all from independents, mainly organic, all vetted for their sustainability and ethical credentials. “We have long admired Crop Drop’s mission to change our food system; and their community and sustainability focused values closely mirror our own,” said The People’s Pantry co-founder, Lisa Jones (pictured right with husband Stephen Thomas). “Joining forces with them means that we can now offer our customers a wider choice and a convenient route to making a difference. But also amplifies our joint messages to grow awareness of food transparency, waste reduction and the small changes in our consumer behaviour that all add up. We hope that it will both encourage more people to be part of the change and take a few car journeys off the road.”

CROP DROP is a social enterprise, sourcing fresh, organic fruit and veg from urban growers and London local farms, with the focus on reducing food miles, promoting nature and soil-friendly small-scale farming without bee-harming pesticides. The result is a choice of seasonal produce bags that are delivered to thirteen drop points across Haringey for weekly or fortnightly collection, reducing food waste at the source by ordering only what is needed and donating any surplus to good causes. Bags range from £6 for a small fruit bag to £18.50 for a large veg bag without potatoes.

“As a Haringey based scheme we’re excited to be teaming up with another small, local biz to make it easier for local people to make sustainable food choices,” says Rachel Dring, founder of Crop Drop (pictured right). “The People’s Pantry champions many of the values that are close to our heart, from their transparent and ethical sourcing policy to their commitment to ridding our homes of pointless packaging. We hope the partnership will make it easier for Crop Droppers to stock up on all their packaging-free pantry essentials alongside their weekly bag of organic veggies.”



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