This is How the Change Begins: A Powerful New Collection of Poems Against the Climate Crisis by Nico


Published June 21, 2022

With a heatwave in the Arctic and New York under snow and a little mountain pika with no place left to go, This is how, This is how, This is how the change begins, From ‘This is How the Change Begins’, Nicola Davies

As the threat to global wellbeing continues to be ever-present and demand urgent action, Nicola Davies evokes a series of more personal and recognisable changes and shifts we are able to perceive happening around us, demonstrating what we stand to lose in our everyday lives and what is necessary to turn the tide.

This is How the Change Begins is a collection of six illuminating poems which serve as

a moving call to action to combat climate change and protect our environment. From a consideration of our carbon footprints by way of Islamic mathematician Alhazen to the decline of insects and the impact weather conditions will continue to have on our events and celebrations, as well as touching on themes of ensuring the natural world can be engaged with and enjoyed inclusively, these remarkable poems brilliantly confront the recognisable realities of the crisis with bold and lyrical language. Including background notes on the themes behind them and related organisations, each poem has been typographically designed and arranged to best communicate these essential messages.

This is How the Change Begins

Author Nicola Davies

Format Hardback, 210 x 148mm Pages 64, printed on recycled paper Publication 28 October 2021

Price £12.99

ISBN 9781913634247