Voxblock’s Sustainable Journey: Telling Stories and Making a Difference


Posted 8 months ago

With Christmas fast approaching many of us are beginning to think about Christmas presents and how to buy more sustainable gifts.

One company that looks set to be one of the must have Children’s Gifts this Christmas and has sustainable principles at its core is Voxblock, the screen-free audiobook player for children aged 3-12. With tangible audiobooks that slot into the easy-to-use player and zero connectivity, Voxblock has been designed to encourage children’s love of stories allowing children to use anytime, anywhere independently without the need for adult help.

Audiobooks have been proven to aid children’s literacy skills and to encourage reluctant readers to develop a love of books. What could be a more perfect gift for the child in your life? A gift they will love to use that allows them to enter the world of stories independently while simultaneously improving their literacy skills. And…what’s more, there is no complicated set up, on Christmas morning it can simply be opened and used immediately.

Launched in 2022, the award-winning product was designed in Scotland by parents, Rebecca and Tom.  They’ve walked us through their approach to sustainability and being a sustainably responsible business. 

What becomes clear quickly is that at Voxblock, sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle that permeates throughout the business. Their commitment to sustainability has two main aspects, conscious design practices and longevity – keeping Voxblocks telling the stories it was made to. Both are underlined by the team’s desire to continuously improve their sustainability approach as they develop and grow as a business.

Conscious Design

Sustainability starts with the design of the Voxblock players, books, and packaging.  The team have focused on:

  • Minimalist Design, using the fewest possible component parts, resulting in them being easily repairable and ensuring a long life.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials, the audiobooks are crafted from 97% recycled materials, with layers of recycled paper and card held together with biodegradable glue.
  • Plastic-Free Packaging: Packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic free.

Long Life – Keeping Voxblocks Telling Stories

The ultimate goal for Voxblock is for each and every player to continue telling stories, delighting young listeners far and wide for years to come. The team has put in place initiatives at every stage of the customer journey to achieve this.

Settling In

When a Voxblock is ordered it’s important that it’s the perfect fit for families – we all know a huge environmental issue if overconsumption and then lack of use. Voxblock offers a 100-Day Happiness Guarantee to give parents peace of mind, if the Voxblock isn’t the right match for them they can return it, no questions asked, with postage covered for a full refund.

The Beloved Companion

Voxblock often becomes an integral part of family life, from being part of the bedtime routine to a must have for travel. If an accident were to happen Voxblock offers a Forever Repair Service, no matter how old the player is, it can be sent back and repaired by the team.

Moving On

Children grow up and interests can change, when a family is ready to move on Voxblock facilitates the return of the player via their Free Return Service. The team will then refurbish and redeploy your player or its parts to ensure it will be cherished by other children.

As a growing business Voxblock are committed to minimising negative environmental impact whilst at the same time maximising the positive impact that audio can have on developing literacy in children.  At Voxblock, sustainability isn’t a side project; it’s an integral part of who they are. The company is dedicated to ensuring that every consciously designed Voxblock can have a lasting impact by telling the stories it was made to tell.