Welcome to Repton Gardens! Quintain Living launches new sustainability-focused homes to rent in Wembley Park


Posted 1 year ago
  • Quintain Living’s 10th building is its most sustainable to date
  • Botanical indoor design will complement nature-inspired homes
  • Families and sharers set to enjoy outstanding shared social spaces

Repton Gardens has opened its doors to new residents in London’s Wembley Park. The homes, which sit across three new buildings are leased and operated by Quintain Living, the award-winning management company now overseeing the rental of more than 3,650 apartments in London’s most exciting new neighbourhood.

Social Spaces in Repton Gardens in Wembley Park. Photo credit: Chris Winter / Quintain Living

The newly launched development, which is already so popular amongst new residents that it is outperforming leasing expectations, comprises three buildings, Cherry House, Birch House, and Aspen House. The apartments have been designed with families and sharers in mind, with the building featuring a range of spacious three- and four-bedroom apartments, as well as studios and one- and two-bedroom homes in range of layouts. Altogether, Repton Gardens offers 396 rental homes, spread across 40 different layouts, 1,000sqm of ground floor retail space and 1,200sqm earmarked for a GP surgery. The varying apartment designs encompass features such as half bedrooms for guests, work-from-home studies, recessed shelving, breakfast bars, a choice of U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens, studios with bedrooms separated by doors and more.

“Our goal with Repton Gardens is to support a wide range of renters to access the outstanding lifestyle on offer in Wembley Park. We’re here for individuals, couples, families with children, sharers, multi-generational families… our wide range of homes means that everyone can find something that suits their individual circumstances.”

Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain Living

Quintain Living’s most sustainable homes to date, the design concept for Repton Gardens has focused on natural, earthy colours and the use of natural products. Botanical living brings the outside in, with plants delivering enhanced air quality and a connection with nature throughout the building. In the podium garden, mounded groundworks have allowed for the planting of large, mature trees and shrubs, to support biodiversity. The tree species in the gardens (cherry, birch and aspen) mirror the buildings’ names.

Social Spaces in Repton Gardens in Wembley Park. Photo credit: Chris Winter / Quintain Living

 “The design of Repton Gardens focuses on forward-thinking ideas about urban living. Life in the heart of a bustling urban area can still deliver that all-important connection with the natural world. You can see and feel this in action as you move through Repton Gardens.”

Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain Living

Repton Gardens is named after Humphry Repton, who was hired by the wealthy Page family back in 1792 to landscape their estate. It was on Repton’s advice that the family named the estate ‘Wembley Park’. Now, over two centuries later, Repton’s own name is being honoured in Repton Gardens – along with Humphry Repton Lane, which runs south of the development. Repton’s landscaping work remains influential to this day, inspiring the landscaping at both Repton Gardens and nearby Union Park.

At Repton Gardens, Cherry House is home to the main entrance lobby. It also houses 10 work-from-home offices and a meeting room. These rentable ‘third places’ make up the largest work-from-home area on the Wembley Park estate so far, with Repton Gardens’ design factoring in new ways of living and working. 

Other on-site amenities include a club room with pool table, soft seating, TV area and bar with beer tap and wine. There’s an 1,150 square foot gym overlooking the podium garden, while the garden itself includes four covered, hireable BBQ areas, two play areas and a lawn area. Cherry House and Birch House also feature roof terraces, including paved areas, artificial grass, sun loungers and seating.

Individual apartments are furnished in one of two palettes: garden and natural. They feature a mix of natural materials and shades of green, deep blue, grey, brown and stone. John Lewis & Partners has curated a special sustainable collection of furniture, including ‘sustainability hero’ products. These items, which include sofas, coffee tables, beds, bar stools, dining chairs and mattresses, were selected following a stringent review of characteristics such as origin of manufacture, material construction and recycling potential. The resulting selections are predominantly sourced from the UK or Europe using sustainable fabrics and/or processes.

Apartment 522 in Repton Gardens in Wembley Park. Photo credit: Chris Winter / Quintain Living

In particular, handmade rattan armchairs, side tables and coffee tables contribute to a unique design within the homes. Rattan is an excellent choice in sustainability terms, as well as being a stylish and durable material. Due to its fast growth and harvest time, plus the fact that every part of the rattan vine is used, rattan outperforms more traditional woods used in furniture production and is an excellent companion crop.

Floors in all apartments are cedar plank effect Amtico in kitchens and living areas, with grey ceramic tiles in bathrooms. Walls are neutral throughout each home, with a feature wall to add colour and depth. Kitchens feature natural oak laminate worktops with cabinets all in green in the natural palette homes and in green and grey in the garden palette apartments.

The design of the apartments creates a strong sense of bringing the outside inside. It also serves, along with the layout of the three buildings, to build a sense of the podium garden being the epicentre of the community.

For more information on Quintain Living or to book a viewing, visit www.quintainliving.com@quintainliving on Instagram or call 020 3151 1927.