Wetsuit Outlet launches closed-loop wetsuit recycling programme


Posted 2 years ago

First ecommerce watersports retailer in Europe to offer service

LONDON, OCTOBER 10, 2022 — Wetsuit Outlet, Europe’s leading watersports specialist, today announced the launch of a closed-loop recycling programme for wetsuits, making it the first ecommerce watersports retailer in Europe to do so.

Wetsuit Outlet has partnered with Circular Flow, a leader in neoprene recycling and manufacturing to launch the service.

Launching in the UK first, and exclusive to members of their loyalty programme (WSO+Rewards), the initiative aims to reduce the 8,000 tons of neoprene – approximately one million wetsuits – that go to landfill each year, and reuse the neoprene to create new products.

Neoprene is an exceptionally difficult material to recycle, and until now most waste material wound up in landfill, with no alternative available at scale. Until now.

Why is this scheme important?

Instead of going to landfill, neoprene products will be recycled and reused by Circular Flow, reducing carbon emissions and waste.

Previous smaller scale schemes have used recycled sheets in items such as yoga mats and playground safety mats. They aren’t always able to use 100% of the returned neoprene with the resulting products not always of sufficient material property for use in the harsh conditions of cold water.

The Circular Flow process allows neoprene to be recycled several times and, in working with Wetsuit Outlet, brings large scale circularity a step closer with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process than other schemes previously available at scale.

Sean Hastings, CEO of Wetsuit Outlet and its parent, B2C Distribution group, commented:

“As Europe’s leading watersport specialist, sustainability is hugely important to us and our customers. Being one of the largest wetsuit retailers globally, we are delighted to work with Circular Flow to launch WSO+Recycle and help our customers do their bit to reduce neoprene waste.

Georgi Marinov, Founder and CEO of Circular Flow, commented,

“After six years of intensive research and overcoming many obstacles, I am delighted to be partnering with Wetsuit Outlet to kickstart neoprene recycling at scale. With our technology and Wetsuit Outlet’s expertise and scale, together we can make a real impact on reducing neoprene waste. ”

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