What Can You Spot In The Garden? & What Can You Spot In The Woods?


Posted 1 year ago

First books to be published in a new series of beautifully illustrated Nature Spotters guides from independent natural history publishing company Fine Feather Press.

What Can You Spot in the Garden? and What Can You Spot in the Woods? provide a window onto the world of nature and are perfect companions to any child looking for an adventure in their own back garden or local woods.

The link between time spent in nature and reduced stress levels is now firmly accepted and for children time outdoors provides additional opportunities for physical exercise. There’s also increasing evidence that taking part in activities in natural habitats helps children to develop creativity and imagination. It can also have a positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence.

From frogs to foxes and ladybirds to lavender, What Can You Spot in the Garden? features 160 species to spot and tick off. What Can You Spot in the Woods? has 190 species to spot and tick off.

The pocket-sized nature guides are packed with fascinating facts and stunning photos and are a perfect introduction for children aged three plus, and their families, to the incredible and often surprising wildlife living right on their doorstep.

  • Get to know the wonderful wildlife in your garden or local woods – What Can You Spot in the Garden? and What Can You Spot in the Woods feature a quiz at the start of every section and a certificate for finding 50 garden animals and plants
  • Brush up on your nature knowledge – the pages are packed with information on animals, birds and flowers, including life cycles, what they eat, the habitats in which they live and the best time to spot them.
  • Delightful spotter’s guides for the whole family – The books also reinforce key science and nature topics that are taught at school.
  • Conservation conscious – The books introduce children to the natural environment around them and encourages them to preserve the planet’s plants and wildlife.

Books full of stunning photography and illustrations that perfectly sums up the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

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Published by: Fine Feather Press / www.finefeatherpress.com

Authors: Andrea Pinnington & Caz Buckingham

Publication: January 16th 2023, No of Pages: 80, Paperback rrp: £6.99