What does it take to achieve an ‘A’ energy certificate rating?


Posted 2 years ago

Developers have a huge opportunity to support the sustainable growth of the residential property sector, creating homes with eco-friendly features through thoughtful design and construction processes. But what does it take to achieve an ‘A’ energy certificate rating?

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director at Taylor Wimpey España, explains that it’s about thinking holistically:

“Creating ‘A’ rated homes means thinking about the building’s construction, its use and its ongoing maintenance. It’s about big undertaking but one that homebuilders and developers must wholeheartedly embrace.”

At Almazara Hills in Istán (Malaga, Spain), which is Taylor Wimpey España’s latest ‘A’ rated development, the homes have insulated walls and roof, doubled glazed windows with thermal break, LED lighting, solar panels and energy-saving appliances (fridge, oven and so on).

Communal areas have light saving systems and there are installations for electric vehicles, supporting owners to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Taylor Wimpey España is also replanting trees on the plot and installing a drip irrigation system to save water – something that is a particularly precious resource in the local area, where ancient Moorish irrigation channels supply water from the mountains for villages and agriculture.