Womenswear brand Aesthetic Laundry is launching a secondary sustainability brand AL Impact!


Published July 23, 2022

Colourful, confidence boosting womenswear brand Aesthetic Laundry, founded by Heidi May in 2018, is launching a second business focused on sustainability and giving back.

AL Impact will focus on tackling various areas of the industry such as waste, planet and people, all areas that the fashion industry is notorious for ignoring.

Aesthetic Laundry’s founder Heidi May, explains the reasoning behind AL Impact: ‘Born from personal experiences working in the industry for over 10 years, AL Impact represents the work that we are doing alongside our fashion business Aesthetic Laundry, to ensure we are a part of the positive change. Whether big retailer or small independent, every fashion brand has a responsibility to look after the planet for the next generation and Aesthetic Laundry is no exception’.

On Friday 15th July, AL Impact will be launching three collections from a variety of projects which started in the Aesthetic Laundry studio. The first, Zero Waste, is a focus on utilising Aesthetic Laundry’s offcuts from their main range. Products include kids jumpers and undergarment shorts for adults.

The second, End of Roll, is a collection of pieces made from surplus fabric sourced in the local area. Used as part of the sampling process for Aesthetic Laundry’s main range, these garments bring fabric, that would have otherwise gone to waste, to life.

The final collection consists of garments from Aesthetic Laundry’s newly introduced training programme, AL Academy. As Heidi May explains ‘Both myself and co-founder Joss, have a huge amount of love for the Arts but have seen first hand how exclusive fashion as an industry can be. We have a studio bustling with activity and a team of incredibly talented cutters, sewers and marketeers. We want to open up our doors to those who are interested but might not otherwise be able to gain access’.

AL Academy, modelled on apprenticeship schemes, sees an employee trained for 3-6 months in one area of the business with the option to come on full time once training is completed. The first AL Academy trainee has been in a cutting role and it is these garments which are available for sale on AL Impact.

Sales made through AL Impact will be reinvested into the employees and support in funding the growth of AL Academy.



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