World Sustainability Organization


Posted 1 year ago

Q – Why offset with WSO?
A – We are the certified certifier. WSO group of companies has a proven track record of 30
years in sustainability certification. Serving 1500 companies, 5,000 products and 80 countries. WSO works closely with SLAB, Accredia, KAN and IAF to ensure our standards are correct for our Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth companies.
Q – What is the difference with Offsets and Credits?
A – Plastic credits stands for the right to produce or utilize that amount of Plastic, while the
Plastic offsets represent the defined weight offset of Plastic removed from our environment and Oceans. By choosing offsets you counterbalance the use of the plastic in your companies processes.
Q – What are plastic offsets?
A – An effective way to protect our ocean and its marine life. Companies and Individuals who want to have a real impact can support an organization, that is combating plastic pollution, while intercepting a defined weight amount of plastic waste from the environment on their behalf.

Q – How will your contribution help?
A – Prevent Plastic Pollution. By offsetting with us you’re directly contributing to the recovery of certified ocean-bound plastic. Circular Economy WSO works closely with partners that go beyond the clean-up and are actively directing the waste they collect back into the circular economy. We also strive to ensure that we recover and find uses specifically for hard-to-recycle plastic waste such as creating alternative fuels. Which eliminates this plastic from the environment and reduces our demand on virgin fossil fuels.
Create Social Change
The money you invest in your offset is dispersed accordingly with a portion going directly to waste collectors that recover the plastic waste, helping create better livelihoods for some of the most marginalized communities in the world.

Q – Where does the money go?
A – 80.5% – Plastic Waste Collectors / 10.3% – Social Services / 9.2% – Logistics and Operations
Q – How much does the average consumer throw away a year?
A – The average consumer discards of 30kg of waste plastic a year. If you are waste
conscious, normally that number is reduced to 20kg. If you eat a lot of convenience foods,
bottled drinks and fast food you can be upwards of 60-100kg per year!