World’s first Hands-on Regenerative Gathering comes to the UK this March with leading artists, activists and naturalists


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“Leaving both people and places better than how they were found

Primal Gathering ( is an environmentally, socially, and psychologically gathering and regenerative culture design consultancy with a mission to restore people, forests, and ecosystems all over the world.

Launching their first gathering in the UK in partnership with Medicine Festival, the festival’s guest speakers and practitioners include BAFTA award-winning documentary filmmaker Bruce Parry and BBC Woman’s Hour’s ‘Powerhouse of climate justice’ Farhana Yamin.
It is Primal Gathering’s belief that the path to changing the world comes from our capacity to change our individual behaviours, which comes with more ease when done with the support of practical tools and community.

Primal Gathering supports participants from thinking about making a change, to taking collective action and inspiring real, lasting and visible impact on the land that we inhabit.

In this year’s edition we will delve into the principles of mushroom inoculation, tree planting, foraging, beekeeping and creating with natural materials. Woven together with myth, folklore and druidry from the British isles, accompanied by soundscapes from across the world.

The History: In response to devastating Portuguese wildfires in 2017, Primal Gathering began hosting an annual gathering seeking to address two critical problems: a lack of awareness of tools to support psychosocial needs/wellbeing and regenerative restoration, and landowners’ challenges of being under-resourced.  Since its inception in 2019, Primal Gathering has naturally built herb gardens, raised beds, planted thousands of fruit and vegetables, and over 4,000 trees.

Intergenerationality: Intentionally an intergenerationally, inclusive and sober environment wherein kids as young as four accompanied by their families, senior citizens as old as seventy, as well as people working in a diversity of industries and from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, are brought together by their desire to embody the values and virtues they wish to see in the world.

The Venue
– 42 Acres: 42 Acres is a regenerative, and hyper-local establishment that was started by siblings Seth and Laura Tabatznik as a home for personal, social and environment change after having been deeply inspired by a number of personal retreats and workshops in their lives. Both Seth and Laura are strong advocates that outer change in the world starts with the self, or to quote Gandhi “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

Powered by 100% renewable energy, at it’s core 42 acres is the embodiment of regenerative practice, and actively creates spaces to support a reconnection with nature, the self and others. Home to wellbeing and nature based activities, biodynamic farming and an abundant nature reserve — it’s a no brainer why Primal Gathering is taking place there this year!

Debra Delglyn, Primal Participant: “If humankind is to survive more than 50 years into the future there are big changes to make; experimental temporary communities like Primal Gathering are nurturing the seeds of those changes.”

Nicole Bosky, Founder of Primal Gathering, says: “We also work with organisations to build cultures of care that foster empathy as a way of working, as we believe empathy is a catalyst towards climate action, and a happier and fulfilled workforce. Our intention is to lay the foundations of a new emerging regenerative educational model that is participatory, locally responsive, and globally collaborative to address some of the most pressing issues of our time..”

Evgenie Emetts, Eternal Forest Artist: “I feel there is quite a big gap between contemporary art and grass root initiatives that bring communities and artists together to celebrate while actually active and doing something. I hope we can do many many more experiences with art, and tree planting everywhere in the world”

Festival Information:

Booking & Accommodation: Tickets all include 3 meals a day, and all workshops and sessions. Tickets for the event range from £350.00 for Camping, up to £845 for a Private double en suite. Primal Gathering encourages car-sharing and use of public transport where possible. see website for details: // tickets

Featuring: Bruce Parry, Sam Lee, Farhana Yamin, Zach Bush, Chris Park, Galahad Clarke, Choe Pierre, Christabel Reed, Carolyn Hillier, Paul Powlesland, Nigel Shaw, Carrie Tree, Facesoul, Orchestra of Samples + Koroleko Many More

Exploring: Mushroom Inoculation, Sea Buckthorn Tree Planting, Bee Keeping, Foraging & Making Concoctions, Smudgestick Crafting, Essential Oil Making, Creating New Narratives around Climate, Egalitarianism, Power & Equality, Druidry, Folklore, Mens & Womens Work and 5 Rhythms,.

Primal Gathering: Regenerative Retreat

42 Acres, Somerset

21 – 26 March, 2023

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